Re: Bible as Non-history?

Murphy (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 12:36:12 -0500

Dick Fischer wrote:

> C. S. should have clued in St. Matthew before he could embarrass himself
> by writing Matt. 12:40. Perhaps we could make pen and ink changes so
> that we can keep others from thinking the Bible was an historical record.
> How does this sound? "For as Jonah was [certainly not historically] three
> days and three nights in the whales's belly; so shall the Son of man
> [certainly not historically] be three days and three nights in the heart
> of the earth." Anybody think of any other changes we could make?

Right! & when I say, "We are to help our neighbor as the good
Samaritan did", I expect people to understand that I am teaching that
the story Jesus tells in Lk.10:30-36 is a factually correct historical
(N.B. The preceding paragraph is ironic. It is _not_ literally
George Murphy