Re: CRI in India-Oh NO!!!something ought to be done

Murphy (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 08:10:02 -0500

Glenn Morton wrote:

> I do not want to re-open the bible as history discussion again, but merely
> to point out that, as a former YEC, the above is my analysis of the
> situation. The YECs will reject all science, in order to retain the
> historicity of the Scripture.

Undoubtedly you're right that there are many people who cannot
imagine that the Bible can be true in any meaningful sense if it is not
"history as it really happened" - though by a blessed inconsistency they
are willing to accept the truth of Ps.23 without interprteting it
literally. However -
1) This is just wrong, as I have argued in previous threads, &
2) There are a lot of people - not YEC, but more likely non-
Christians - to whom the artificial historicizing of the
entire Bible would do more harm than good in trying to bring
them to accept Christ. C.S. Lewis is a case in point. He
knew too much about both history and literature to think
that, e.g., it was either plausible or necessary to insist
that Jonah was an historical account.
George Murphy