Re: CRI in India-Oh NO!!!something ought to be done

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 16:27:17 -0600

At 01:47 PM 3/14/97 -0800, Gladwin Joseph wrote:
> Oh NO!!! I did not know that Creation Research Institute had
> their tentacles around the world. And in all places there is
> a CRI India. Something ought to be done to stem the
> potential harm that their hermeneutic can do to the
> Christian community. I definitely see an
> urgent need for something like ASA in India. Does anyone
> know of like minded fellowship of Christians in Science in
> India?
This organisation is different from the Institute of Creation Research
(ICR). Several years ago, I carried on a series of correspondences with the
director of the Indian CRI, Johnson C. Phillip. He is a lot more reasonable
than the American Creationist leaders but he does share some of the
theology. But don't confuse the two. Johnson Phillip is a physicist by
background, if memory serves me correctly.

> I would definitely be interested. My work will
> eventually take me to India and I am keenly interested in
> networking with others or exploring the possibilities of
> starting something like ASA in India. Paul I
> believe did suggest changing ASA to International SA. I kind
> of like that idea.
> I am sorry CRI fans, but promoting dogma as oxymoronic as
> Creation-science as being Biblical and Christian is
> something I do not think needs to be exported to India! We
> have enough challenges and hurdles in communicating and
> making the Gospel relevant in a Hindu context. Why add more
> stumbling blocks.

There is only one way to fight YECism that I think has a prayer of a chance
of working. The entire issue for the YEC concerns the historicity of the
Scripture. They view ASA as people who don't believe the bible and thus as
people who have sold out. The only way that I think has a chance of
working is to provide a framework for science and the bible which retains
the historicity of Scripture and allows the YECs to accept modern science.
Anything or any solution that makes the Scripture non-historical will not
make a dent in the YEC movement. Most people don't see a reason to believe
that mythical, nonhistorical accounts have any claim on their lives.

I do not want to re-open the bible as history discussion again, but merely
to point out that, as a former YEC, the above is my analysis of the
situation. The YECs will reject all science, in order to retain the
historicity of the Scripture.


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