CRI in India-Oh NO!!!something ought to be done

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 13:47:17 -0800

Oh NO!!! I did not know that Creation Research Institute had
their tentacles around the world. And in all places there is
a CRI India. Something ought to be done to stem the
potential harm that their hermeneutic can do to the
Christian community. I definitely see an
urgent need for something like ASA in India. Does anyone
know of like minded fellowship of Christians in Science in

I would definitely be interested. My work will
eventually take me to India and I am keenly interested in
networking with others or exploring the possibilities of
starting something like ASA in India. Paul I
believe did suggest changing ASA to International SA. I kind
of like that idea.

I am sorry CRI fans, but promoting dogma as oxymoronic as
Creation-science as being Biblical and Christian is
something I do not think needs to be exported to India! We
have enough challenges and hurdles in communicating and
making the Gospel relevant in a Hindu context. Why add more
stumbling blocks.

Help something needs to be done.