McCarrick, Allan (MCCARRIC@mailgate.navsses.navy.mil)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 06:47 EST

You must get yourself up early to see first hand the brightest comet in a
while. I finally had a clear morning at 5:00 AM. Now need to search for
it. I wouldn't be surprized if its magnitude is better than -2. As
the sun washed everything out, it was the last thing visible. Just look
NE below Cassiopea.

In my classes, I ask the question: "How do you know God exists ?".
Among the responces that my students give is the evidence of the order.
wonder, beauty of the created world. My responce is "Who is it that
studies closely that world for the order and structure there ?" Why is
those who choose science for a career. therfore there should be plenty
of believers in our field. Use this comet as a tool for generating
excitement and reverance for God's creation.

Al McCarrick