Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Tue, 11 Mar 97 10:52:29 EST

>From: "John W. Burgeson" <burgy@CompuServe.COM>
>Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:40:44 -0500
>Subject: Reply to Paul
>Paul Arveson writes: "Christianity is rational; always has been and always
>will be. I recommend Carl Sagan's book to all those in the ASA."
>Paul usually gets it right; I have to disagree here. Christianity (IMO) is
>not rational. Neither is it irrational. It is a-rational.
>I have to agree with his recommendation on Sagan's book. There are some
>sections in it which are very good food for thought. Also some incredibly
>badly argued points, but that's another subject.

I knew someone would correct my unequivocal statement quoted above.
I guess I just got tired of writing. Of course you are right, Burgy.
However, I think what I said was too brief and unqualified, but not false.
A good defense of this position is given in CS Lewis' Mere Christianity.

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