Re: Reply to Paul and Burgy

Gladwin Joseph (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 00:46:47 -0800

Ah YES! An example of apparent irrationality.

I must qualify that this element of irrationality is only
from a human perspective. God's ways transcends rationality.
IMO rationality is also a limited human construct of God's
ways. He is rational but praise be His Name He is even
more. I can praise Him only because of the quickening work
of the Holy spirit and because the Atonement even redeems my
(ir) rationality.

Examples of apparent irrationality:

1) God demanding a human sacrifice of Abraham. Putting
myself in Abraham's shoes, such a demand does not fall
nicely into a rational category. To give one a Child at a
rather ripe old age and then demanding He be offered as a
human sacrifice transcends rationality and is humanly

2) The scandal of the Cross is irrational from a human
perspective. To suggest that a Galilean jew crucified on a
common Roman cross is the Redemption of the world is "utter
foolishness"(irrational) to the world. He alone can lift the
veil that we may see as He sees, live as He lives.

3) A Galilean jew named Y'shua promises you life if you gave
it up for His sake. Ah. from a human perspective it sounds
irrational to me.

The world sees as rational and irrational, but through the
eyes of Faith we see a rationality that transcends both,
even though they still appear as one or the other as long
as we are in this flesh.

i shall accept any correction if my ways of thinking
are rather irrational!!! As iron sharpens iron so does one
sharpen another.


Gladwin joseph