Re: Videos

Paul Arveson (
Mon, 10 Mar 97 10:01:38 EST

In message <v03007804af47dd9ca3cf@[]> John Miller writes:
> Hi Paul,
> I'm responding to the note in the ASA Newsletter (OK, so I'm far behind in
> my reading) about the videos "The New Biology" and "James Houston's Views
> on Creation."
> I'm particularly attracted to the latter. What are the details of their
> availability?

Earlier I wrote about the video of the Van Till lecture at Messiah College,
"Is Evolutionary Continuity a Heresy?" This is available at $10 from
me or ASA Headquarters.

I also have two other videos, as mentioned above. They will be sold for
$15 each. These were originally produced for ASA multimedia shows.

Presently I am out of copies of all these videos, but I will be making some
more copies later this week. If anyone else out there wants copies,
please let me know so I can estimate the number of copies needed.


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