Re: "The Sun DID Stand Still (sic)"

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 08:51:12 -0500

Glenn wrote

>We are not communicating here.
>At 09:42 AM 3/7/97 -0500, Bill Hamilton wrote:
>>If the earth had stopped rotating for one day, and the ancient astronomers
>>had failed to note that that day was unusually long, then if they had
>>astronomical tables accurate enough to show the day-by-day motion of, say,
>>Mars, or if they kept track accurately enough of where the sun rose and set
>>in terms of its position in the constellations, then there would be a
>>one-day jump, in the sense that they would have noted that when the sun set
>>that day it set where it should have set one day later. Of course if they
>>had timekeeping instruments they could also have noticed that the day was
>>really a day and a half, so there was no jump. But a table simply giving
>>the location of sunset/sunrise in the heavens that didn't note the extra
>>length of the day would appear to show a jump.
>I fully agree that they could have noticed this and written it down. My
>point was merely that from today's vantage point, barring any ancient
>historical records confirming the account in Joshua, there would be no way
>to confirm it. I fully agree that the ancients could have verified this
>event but we have a different situation if they didn't do it for us.
>Does this help clarify things?
Yep. I was arguing about capabilities, you were arguing about actualities.
Always a good thing to check. Case closed.

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