Re: Basis of our FAITH????

Michael K. Thompson (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 16:12:54 -0800

Gladwin Joseph wrote:
> Shalom to all,
> I just had to throw this in after reading one of Dr.Frix's
> message.
> Is our faith really based on the Word of GOD or in the
> Living WORD and the quickening WORK of the Holy Spirit?
> The distinction is subtle but important i think.

I agree. Donald Bloesh has written a volume on methodology in theology
towards a Theology of Word and Spirit (IVP). I think it is a good
argument for Word and Spirit. He dialogs with some of Torrance's
material in the process. Bloesh argues that without a view toward
Word and Spirit the Bible becomes a symblol that has lost its power.