Re: Skepticism?

Bill Hamilton (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 10:38:35 -0500

Paul Arveson wrote:
>Bill, I for one have really appreciated your thoughtful and insightful
>comments on this list for a long time.

Uh, oh...

>Which brings me to my point: It is well and good for us as believers to
>talk about getting answers to our questions in heaven. But to the
>outsiders - for whom we are to be ambassadors - it looks like nonsense.

Agreed. I sometimes forget that there is a substantial-sized group of
nonChristians on this list. To those of you who may have been put off by
my remark, I offer my apology.

>And if it looks like nonsense to them, it should not be reiterated
>by us.

A good bit of what Christians believe looks like nonsense to nonChristians.
I have no desire to parade nonsense in front of the world just to get
attention. But if some bit of apparent nonsense elicits a question that
leads to a relationship that leads to an individual's salvation, I don't
regret it. I do believe that eventually I will see the Lord. Whether we
will talk about the puzzles we worry about now as scientists, engineers,
etc., I have no way of knowing. Perhaps they will seem totally irrelevant.
As you say below nothing in Scripture tells us what we might or might not
discuss. But since the Bible spends quite a few verses dwelling on God's
communication, I would be absolutely floored to find that no one discusses
anything with anyone in heaven (or on the new earth) In any case we as
Christians are called to tell the world about Jesus Christ, and that
unavoidably creeps into our conversation. I think there would be something
wrong if it didn't.

I hope we can meet some day at
>an ASA meeting. Or maybe later....

I hope so too. Until either GM changes its vacation policy (making all
GM'ers use two weeks of vacation the first two weeks of July), or until ASA
holds its annual meeting during that time, or until ASA holds its annual
meeting closer to Detroit, (or until next year when I get an additional
half week of vacation) that won't happen. But I'm looking forward to it.

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