Re: "The Sun DID Stand Still (sic)"

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 22:57:52 -0600

At 09:47 AM 3/6/97 -0500, Bill Hamilton wrote:

>The simplest verification would be the one Velikovsky suggested and claimed
>to have found: a record of a long night on the other side of the world at
>that time. I doubt Velikovsky was correct, but that is an example of one
>kind of record which, if it existed, could verify the incident, as well as
>verifying that the incident involved some change in the earth's motion. I
>tend to doubt that a change in the earth's motion was involved, since
>Joshua records nothing about earthquakes or the earth reeling, as would
>have happened if it had undergone a change in its rotation.

I stand corrected. I should have said "verifiable by the means the story
claims, namely, the detection of a different period between solar eclipses.

>If the earth had stopped rotating for a day and we had an ancient log
>showing planet positions day by day but didn't note that one day was half
>again as long as the others, that log would show an anomaly -- Moon and
>observed planet positions jumping ahead one day.

There wasn't a day to jump ahead. The progression of the 'day' was stopped


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