Re: What identifies a human? (DNA? Artifacts? ....)

Dick Fischer (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 20:39:05 -0600

Bill Frix wrote:

>Going by the Bible, laws restricting "incestuous" marriages were not
>restricted until the time of Moses which was much after Abraham (see
>Genesis 20:12) which was after Noah.

Using this logic, since the ten commandments, including "Thou shalt
not kill," were not given until Moses, Cain wasn't guilty of anything,
which would make us wonder why God was upset. Isn't YEC logic amazing?

>Without going into too much detail, YEC (of which I am proud to say
>I am one) believe that prior to the flood the earth was shielded from
>solar and galactic radiation by the canopy of water that is
>discussed in Gen. 1:6-7.

Please note that the Septuagint version of the OT uses the word
"fountain" not "mist." It probably refers to irrigation rather than
a vapor canopy.

>It is proposed by certain modern scientists
>that the current (so-called) depletion of the ozone layer is causing
>and will cause an increase in cancer due to the ionizing radiation
>breaking down the protein molecules in cells. If the ozone layer
>currently protects us from radiation, how much more so did the water
>canopy shield the pre-flood inhabitants of the earth from radiation.

The resultant greenhouse effect of such a canopy also would have cooked
the pre-flood inhabitants.

Dick Fischer