Science and its Critics
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 17:04:58 -0500

In response to Jack Haas' report of 3/4/97, I wonder if he
would mind clarifying a couple of things.

- I thought he implied that Alan Sokal was right to debunk
the social construction of science; or was just one
particular paradigm adopted by sociologists? I agree with
Ted Davis' subsequent comments on the validity/importance of
recognising a social influence on the science we do.

- With regard to teh feminist comments, I have friends who
are keen to point out to me that whilst men are competitive
in the workplace, women tend to be more collaborative, and
that this sort of behaviour can be seen even in children
playing. A terrible oversimplification and generalization,
but I do wonder how differently we might do science if there
was a more "feminine" approach? Or is this off-the-wall?

- Lastly, when you say that the "post modern mood allows
Christians in the gate", what exactly do you mean? Why does
this allow us in? Most importantly, what specific advice
can you give to christians working in science?

I know Jack is busy. Hope he won't mind responding these

Jonathan Arm