Re: Count sheep, anyone?

Janet Rice (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 15:53:44 -0700

Loren, with regard to your point about using a cloning technique to grow a
specific type of tissue rather than an embryo - the question I would ask is
whether or not this could be considered as analogous to self-donated blood
transfusion? Admittedly this is far outside my area of expertise, but for
me it passes my internal "yuk" test - i.e the automatic response to cloning
humans is "yuk", the automatic response to blood transfusions for most of
us is "yeah, ok". I do not see how the unfertilized egg can be considered
as anything other that tissue - otherwise a woman could be said to be
committing a sin everytime she menstrates.

The problem, of course, may be that the general "yuk" factor to cloning
research may mean that we never get to this point, whatever benefits it
might provide. On the other hand, perhaps I have missed something in my
thoughts - and I do enjoy the discussion.

Janet Rice