Re: "The Sun DID Stand Still (sic)"

Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:54:56 -0500

Glenn wrote

>There are no records which could verify this event[Joshua's long day].
>The reason is that BOTH
>the sun AND the moon are said to have stopped for a full day.
>Joshua 10:12-13(NIV) [quote deleted]
>If all relative motion stopped for 24 hours, when everything started up
>again, it would be in the same place as it was before and this this event
>will forever be unverifiable by astronical data.
The simplest verification would be the one Velikovsky suggested and claimed
to have found: a record of a long night on the other side of the world at
that time. I doubt Velikovsky was correct, but that is an example of one
kind of record which, if it existed, could verify the incident, as well as
verifying that the incident involved some change in the earth's motion. I
tend to doubt that a change in the earth's motion was involved, since
Joshua records nothing about earthquakes or the earth reeling, as would
have happened if it had undergone a change in its rotation.

If the earth had stopped rotating for a day and we had an ancient log
showing planet positions day by day but didn't note that one day was half
again as long as the others, that log would show an anomaly -- Moon and
observed planet positions jumping ahead one day.

If everything stopped moving, Babylonian astronomers (say) using water
clocks or hourglasses or the like would have observed that the moon and
observed planets would be a day behind predicted positions in their orbits.