Kemp NTSE paper

Bill Hamilton (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:40:54 -0500

At Burgy's recommendation I downloaded and read Kemp's NTSE paper. I found
it exceedingly interesting and useful. Kemp discusses the problem of how
you decide whether divine intervention may be involved in phenomena and
incorporates some of the reasoning process the Catholic Church applies when
investigating putative miracles. Some of the terminology is obscure to
this Protestant, but on the whole I believe the paper is a valuable
contribution to the discussions revolving about theistic science

(For those who wish to read the paper, a caveat: the paper was originally
written in Microsoft Word for the Mac and then was apparently converted
into binhex _twice_. My web browser (Netscape 2.01) gets confused by this
and just dumps the binhex across my browser window. If you save it as text
and unbinhex it twice you'll get the original word file. If you use a
utility like tickle you actually have to unbinhex it twice. I think
unstuffit is smart enough to recognize that the binhex that results from
the first unbinhex needs to be unbinhexed again)

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