Re: Tyre (was Re: try two/missing day)

Murphy (
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 06:51:14 -0500

Rodney Dunning wrote:

> One reason we might
> expect some degree of simplicity and punctuality is the prophet's
> general desire to elicit some kind of response on the part of the people.
> People tend to respond to simple messages that have some meaning for
> their lives. (To us, of course, removed by considerable time and
> distance, the messages may seem anything but simple and meaningful.) If
> Ezekiel's message was this subtle in its use of pronouns, and not to be
> actualized for centuries, it's difficult to imagine anyone taking him
> seriously.

YES. Most (NB - I don't say all) prophetic statements about
things that are going to happen are about the immediate future, not a
time when none of the hearers/readers will be alive. The criterion
given in Dt.18:22 seems to assume this. (Who's going to be afraid of a
dead prophet anyway?)
George Murphy