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Regarding Plantinga's lecture about naturalism/evolution.

His (this) critique of naturalism is also found in chapter 12 of his book
"Warrant and proper function" which is one the books in his trilogy
in contemporary epistemology.

Two of the books are published
"Warrant and proper function" Oxford U.Press 1993
"Warrant : the current debate" Oxford U.Press 1993.
The third "Warrant and Christian belief" is to be published soon.

A small digression on Plantinga not related to topics discussed on this
reflector. His two books already published in the trilogy have been
considered so important that there already has been published a book
where prominent contemporary philosophers discuss his theory of
Check out "Warrant in Contemporary Epistemology, essays in honor of
Plantinga's theory of knowledge" edited by Jonathan Kvanvig and published
in 1996. Participants include Bas van Fraassen, Laurence BonJour, Keith Lehrer,
Ernest Sosa among others. At the end of the book Plantinga responds to the

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