Tyre (Was Living and dying ...)

Murphy (gmurphy@imperium.net)
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 18:49:27 -0500

Glenn Morton wrote:

> Are we Christians willing to let secular science make more specific
> predictions of the future than God, speaking through man, is able to
> accomplish? What kind of God is this?

It's interesting to contemplate the very clear prophecies in
Ez.26:1 - 28:19 that Nebuchadrezar will completely destroy Tyre. They
contain powerful poetic language & profound theology, but there is
also no doubt what is predicted (e.g., 26:7-14). & it didn't happen.
We know this not only from secular history but from Ezekiel himself! In
30:17-20, God says, "Nebuchadrezar didn't get anything for all his
work against Tyre. I'll give him a consolation prize." & in fact Tyre
didn't fall to seige until Alex the Great, some 250 years later.
Biblical prophecy apparently is sometimes more subtle than
straightforward prediction. (& most of the prophetic writings of the OT
have nothing to do with prediction at all - but that's another matter.)