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On request -- here are the papers presented at the NTSE.

NTSE Conference Schedule -- This is the schedule of talks.
Most papers (28 or so) are available on the NTSE web site.

(A) means I was in attendence.

Thursday Feb 20 7:30 - 9:00 PM at Hogg Auditorium.

(A) Al Plantigna -- lecture on "if one believes both naturalism and
evolution, then one is irrational to have confidence in one's cognitive
capabilities, therefore one ought not to believe in both naturalism and
evolution." (jwb's paraphrase of Al's topic title/subject).

Friday Feb 21, 1997.

Parallel Sessions I. 8:30-- 10 a.m.

Jeffrey P. Schloss, "Evolutionary Theories of Human Nature: Maginot Line or
Armistice Site for Theism/Naturalism Conflict?"

Thomas J. Burke, Jr., "Preserving Theology and Science through Philosophy "

(A) Andrew N. Carpenter, "Kant on the Theological Foundations of Newtonian

(A) J. W. Haas Jr., "Joseph Priestley's Radical Integration of Science and
Religion: the need for communal assent and right theology

Michael A. Corey, "Science and the Nature of God: Inferring the Various
Divine Attributes from the Status of Big Bang Cosmology"

Welsey R. Elsberry, "Enterprising science needs naturalism"

(A) Plenary Session I. 10:30 a.m. -- Noon. Philip Johnson.

Parallel Sessions II. 1:30--3:00 p.m.

James F. Sennett, "Mind, Cosmology and Causation: A Vindication of Rational

John A. Campbell, "Theism, Naturalism and Ethos: A Rhetorical Analysis of
Darwin's Origin"

(A) Steven D. Schafersman, "Naturalism is Today -- by Philosophy, History,
and Purpose -- an Essential Part of Science." Steven wrote a chapter in
Godfrey's SCIENTISTS CONFRONT CREATIONISM. One of his more interesting
points was to argue, on moral grounds, that if one is a theist, one ought
not be a scientist.

(A) Paul A. Nelson, "Jettison the Arguments, or the Rule? The Place of
Darwinian Theological Themata in Evolutionary Reasoning"

David K. Nartonis, "Dugald Stewart, Theism and the Philosophy of Science"

Andrew Newman, "Property Dependence and Non-Reductive Physicalism"

Parallel Sessions III. 3:30--5:00 p.m.

Jonathan Wells, "Homology in Biology: "

(A) Kenneth W. Kemp, "Scientific Method and Appeal to Supernatural Agency:
A Christian Case for Modest Methodological Naturalism"

(A) Michael H. Barnes, "The Plausibility of Naturalism"

Norman Lillegard, "Are Religious Beliefs Explanations?"

Keith Abney, "Naturalism and (Non-)Teleological Science: A Way to Resolve
the Demarcation Problem Between Science and Religion"

(A) Plenary Session II. 7:30--9:00 p.m. Frederick Grinnell. "In God We
Trust: All Others Must Bring Data"

Saturday, February 22.

Parallel Sessions IV. 8:30-- 10 a.m.

Mimi Marinucci, "Another Dogma: Metaphysical and Epistemological

Mark I. Vuletic, "Methodological Naturalism and the Supernatural"

Branden Fitelson and Elliott Sober, "Plantinga's Probability Arguments
Against Naturalism and Evolution"

Thomas D. Pearson, "The All-Natural Mind: Some Consequences of Cognitive
Science for Theism"

(A) Robert T. Pennock, "Supernaturalist Explanations and the Prospects for
a Theistic Science"

(A) William A. Dembski, "Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information"

(A) Plenary Session III. 10:30 a.m. -- Noon. Alvin Plantinga,
"Methodological Naturalism".

Parallel Sessions V. 1:30--3:00 p.m.

Donavan Hall, "Physics and Supernature"

Michael Dickson, "Can God Be Found in Physics?"

Steven Meyer, "DNA and Biological Design"

Timothy Shanahan, "Darwinian Naturalism, Theism, and Biological Design"

(A) Terry G. Pence, "Charles S. Peirce, Scientific Method, and God"

(A) Robert C. O'Connor, "Science on Trial: Exploring the Rationality of
Methodological Naturalism"

(A) Plenary Session IV. 3:30--5:00 p.m. Michael Ruse.

Sunday, February 23.

Parallel Sessions VI. 9:30--11:00 a.m.

James Baird,"Goedel's Incompleteness Theorems and the Confirmation of

Anne Foerst, " `Cog', A Humanoid Robot and the Question of Imago Dei"

G. W. Eichhofer, "Inclusive Naturalism"

Joseph E. Earley, "A Novel Approach to Biological Evolution and Some
Theistic Notions of Creation"

(A) Jerry L. Sherman, "Explanations and Value-Free Thought"

(A) Paul K.Wason,"Naturalism and Scientific Aspirations in the Anthropology
of Religion"

(A) Panel Discussion. 11:00 a.m.--Noon.

(A) Post-conference Field Trip. 1:00-3:00 pm. Prof. Leon Long, of the
Geology Department at UT-Austin, led a field trip to explore some of the
very beautiful and interesting geological formations in the Austin area.