Re: What identifies a human

Glenn Morton (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 12:20:16 -0600

At 10:49 AM 3/1/97 -0500, Rick Becker wrote:
>Is there any evidence of
>spiritual conciousness in other species?

Only a little. which we have discussed ad nauseum. There is the crude
Berekhat Ram figurine, which lots of archaeologists believe was a fertility
figurine or a goddes. It is a statue of a naked lady and is dated to
300,000 years ago. It was made by Homo erectus.

Secondly, Neadnerthals show signs of having had a bear cult similar to that
found today among the Ainu and the Chippewa. They arranged bear skulls in
ritualistic patterns.

In Spain Homo erectus killed an elephant and ritualistically laid out half
of the bones on the ground in a pattern that united the bones as they would
have been in life.

If body painting is to be included as evidence of religion, (it is in modern
primitive societies) then evidence for body paint goes back 1.6 million years.


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