Re: Creavolution

Dick Fischer (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:46:30 -0600

Jason wrote:

>Just to clarify, I am not a progressive creationist, believeing that
>every structure was uniquely created. I am simply saying that every
>evolutionary shift was guided by God.

Where I find difficulty is that if we hold to godly guidance which caused
speciation, for example, where was He when all these genetic defects came
along? Man suffers from over 3,000 genetic disorders. I prefer a "no
credit, no blame" stance which places me in the same camp with the majority
of biologists who see natural causation rather than godly intervention.

Then too, the fossil record is a record of annihilation over the millions of
years. If God carefully ushers in new life forms, why does He seem to not
care what becomes of them? I'm not frozen in cement over that part, but I'd
like to see a little data leaning in the direction of divine steering.

Dick Fischer