Re: Creavolution

Jason A. Alley (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 09:16:44 -0800

I follow you to a point in this whole issue. I agree that some type of
evolution occured. In fact, I believe that the history that has been
uncovered and is still being placed together is correct. I believe
that God guided and persueded every speciation, guided every
adaptation, so that the endu result was exactly how he perscribed it.
I believe that Genesis 1 is a pre-creation announcement to what He
would do, while it is not a record of the event itself. I believe,
like you do, that God looked down the timeline of the universe, and,
after pronouncing his design, saw it in its finality, after the
evolutionary process (guided by God) had brought it to that point, and
declared that "It is good." In this sense, you could call every
speciation or adaptation a "saltation," or "puctuation," and I'd agree.

Very similar to your illustration of the machinery in the factory of
"Creation," I would call evolution the paintbrush in the artist's hand.
What created the actual, physical, work of art? The Paintbrush.
Where did the creative force come from that gave it design and
concieved of the finished product before it was created? The artist.
I believe that God is the creative force that drives his tool of
evolution to produce his finished work of art.

Just to clarify, I am not a progressive creationist, believeing that
every structure was uniquely created. I am simply saying that every
evolutionary shift was guided by God.

Jason Alley