Early man needed clothing

Glenn Morton (grmorton@psyberlink.net)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 06:22:04 -0600

There is a report in the New York Times this morning which says that early
man was inhabiting Siberia 300,000 years ago. This too is confirmatory my
view that archaic humans were very much like modern, technologically
primitive peoples. To inhabit Siberia, clothing, and probably tight fitting
clothing was believed to be necessary. It is cold up there. The article
says that along with the spears reported in Nature, this also indicates the
creativity of archaic hominids.

Could this have been modern man? no. Anatomically modern people do not
appear until 120,000 years ago

This discovery means that other old-earth creationists who believe that
humanity was created less than 60-100 thousand years ago must now explain
why the making of clothing for warmth is not characteristic of humanity.
Since clothing is part of the fall, I see little future in that approach.
In order to save the hypothesis that mankind is a late creation, these
approaches are going to have to remove everything human from the sphere of
humanity. As it stands now, art, music, building of huts, paving, digging
post-holes, underground mining and now clothing are not indicative of
humanity. What is left?


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