Re: history please

Robert L. Miller (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 06:28:13 GMT

Paul wrote in part:
>All my Christian life I've heard about this 'takeover' of the seminaries.
>At this point I would like some historian to describe this process
>without using any military metaphors. How did this happen? Was it
>like the Scopes trial, where the conservatives were found to be wanting
>in knowledge and scholarship, merely supported by popular opinion?
>Were there debates or discussions about the big issues? Were there
>committees making policy statements and votes? Was all this done
>behind peoples' backs, so to speak? Is there any documentation of
>the actual history and statistical trends in the denominations?
>All I've heard of an analysis is Schaeffer's famous comment that
>"presuppositional apologetics would have stopped the decay."
>Is there a book in print about all this?
Hi Paul,
I am not a historian and I did not make an intensive search but one of the
places this is documented is in "Eerdman's Handbook to Christianity in
America", Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1983, page 322.

Bob Miller