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Lee Dunbar (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 06:56:07 -0700

David Eby asked:
>It would also be good to have a list of the various Christian organizations
>involved in origins (Creation Research Society, etc.) and their viewpoints.
>> YEC = Young Earth Creationist
>> PC = Progressive Creationist
>> EC = Evolutionary Creationist
>> ID = Intelligent Design
>> TE = Theistic Evolutionist

I ,too, have felt the need for some taxonomy in this area and I
would like to suggest that Bube's book "Getting It All Together" provides
the basic structure that is needed. He suggests 7 patterns for the
inter-relationships of science and faith. Perhaps some clear thinker with
some experience in this area could suggest some "orders" for these "phyla".
We could then begin to pick out the various names (Moreland, Ross, Van
Till,..) and try to agree on the particular branch that a given bird perches on.
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