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Murphy (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 17:41:11 -0500

John W. Burgeson wrote:
> The implication of Murphy's post, in which he compared
> Johnson's moral stance to those of pre-Civil war slave holders, and
> questioned why he was doing what he was doing seemed to me to be an
> excursion into questions of motivations, and away from questions of issues.
> To me, that is not only not relevant, but also not interesting.

Please. I said zero about Johnson's moral stance. The
point of my ante-bellum analogy was only this: Talking about about
scientific methodology gives the appearance of making a high-minded
scholarly appeal, while in fact the visceral anti-evolution reactions of
many in the pews are evoked. Whether or not that is what Johnson means
to do I neither know nor care very much. Being neither his pastor nor a
psychologist studying him, I have little interest in his motives. I
have a lot of interest in the actual - & IMO deleterious -impact he is
making on the church.