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Wil & Sharon Milan (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 13:59:41 -0700

Paul Arveson wrote:
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> Um, I wish that we would not use so many specialized acronyms such
> as PC, EC, and ID. There are some newcomers lurking out there.
> }

I second that. I am not a newcomer to these issues, but I am a relative
newcomer to this reflector, and in all the reading I've done over the
years I've never seen some of these acronyms. I've figured out that YEC
must mean Young Earth Creationist and TE must mean Theistic Evolution,
but I'm still trying to figure out EC and ID. If the purpose of this
list is to discuss and communicate ideas, I'd plead that use of private
acronyms is not helpful toward that end.

Wil Milan
The Sky Institute
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