Jack Haas (HAAS@gordonc.edu)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 14:30:14 -0500 (EST)

Have I got a deal and a challenge for you!

The new revised edition of Bob Fisher's classic book is hot off the press-
the first ASA PRESS production. Here is what Peter Vibert says about it.

Never divorcing faith and reason, Robert Fisher nontheless
suggests we separate Who? and Why? questions from What and
How?...Reading GDIBH? will clear the mind without damaging
the faith that is essential for understanding the Bible and
the natural world.

This book can effectively reach teenagers, college students, and church
members. I want to challenge you to help reach the church. We are
offering 3 copies of this attractive 124 page paperback for $25.00 post
paid. You must pay in advance to get this price. The challenge: one
copy for you, one copy for your minister and one for the church library.
Sent check to the ASA office: Box 668, Ipswich MA 01938 and we will
do the rest.

The book is also available at volume discount for those who use it for
Sunday School classes, Bible studies, etc. Let's all help with the
marketing of an excellent work.
Jack Haas