What Phil may, or may not...

John W. Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 14:18:55 -0500

Glenn wrote as follows: "I think that Phil really might believe this. Note
the hyperbole in the following:

"The Behe argument is...>>

As in all spoken communications, at least six versions must exist:

1. What Johnson thought he said
2. What Johnson actually said
3. What Johnson would say if he wrote it out for publication
4. What Joel heard Johnson say
5. What I heard Johnson say
6. What Johnson actually meant by what he said

and what you do is add a seventh, your version of what he said, based on
his prior writings.

ACtually, the six/seven above are not an exhaustive set, but you get the

My notes here are pretty clear. They read -- in total -- as follows
1997--last year of the debate. ASA convention in Aug will be the last.
TE objections fading.
That does not make them "right," of course.

Joel pointed out that this part of the discussion is over an
inconsequential point, and I agree.