Re: ASA as a Christian forum.....

Murphy (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 17:57:46 -0500

Terry M. Gray wrote:

> When he refers to 1997 being the critical year, he means that in his mind
> the TE/EC types will be sufficiently marginalized that they won't need to
> be listened to in the discussion. Already at the Biola meeting, only half
> of the spectrum of views held by Christians was represented. It was very
> interesting in the World magazine article to see Del Ratzsch as
> representing the extreme viewpoint in contrast with the YEC viewpoint, the
> other extreme.

This may happen, but I reiterate in perhaps even stronger
language what I posted yesterday. ASA is NOT the defining center of
science-theology dialogue in the Christian community., ASA is itself is
in serious danger of being marginalized vis-a-vis that larger discussion
by Johnsonism. If that happens, TEs will be at the margin closest to
the real center. Serious theological discussion of evolution will go on
in other organizations, denominations, journals, &c. (Some of that
discussion will be wacko stuff at the _other extreme, but by no means

> Here's my prediction. Fifty years from now evolution will still be true
> and ID theorists will be proposing TE/EC type design theories that see
> design at the level of fabric of creation rather than at the level of some
> sort of specified complexity. Some of us are just ahead of our time. And
> it pains us to have to go through this setback. [Hope that doesn't sound
> too arrogant--of course, we may be wrong, but I'm not even close to
> thinking that we are.] Das ist gewisslich wahr!