Re: ASA as a Christian forum.....

Gene Dunbar Godbold (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 16:56:37 -0500 (EST)

According to Gladwin Joseph:

> Why can't ASA remain a forum for the discussion of
> Faith-Nature issues? Why should we label the
> organization as representing a particular position
> on issues that all of us have only a `certain' degree of
> confidence. For the 7-8 years that i have been associated
> with ASA, I have found a commitment to rigorous
> scholarship and open dialogue in the area of faith-nature
> interaction and i hope that it remains so.
> I find that the debate between ID and EC proponents within
> ASA as one that is healthy and appropriate. It seems that a
> YEC position mutually excludes other views, but i do not see
> (may be naively!) that ID and EC are necessarily mutually
> exclusive. IMO such diversity is a strength rather than a
> weakness.
> Are we as Christians in Science at a stage where we can
> honestly pursue TRUTH without the driving need for
> credibility in the eyes of man? We who are liberated by the
> TRUTH and are children of TRUTH should not we be
> leading the way in the pursuit of TRUTH. Isn't
> credibility a fruit of an honest endeavour, honest
> before GOD and before man? What really is at stake in our
> dialogue, is it TRUTH, you must be joking!! Just our
> perceptions....

One possible solution might be to "spin off" an organization that can
tackle some of the issues that George and others care about more
vigorously. I agree with Gladwin in thinking that ASA ought to be more
of a haven for Christians interested and/or affiliated with science and
less an organization with an agenda to push. There might be a parallel
with what Focus on the Family did several years ago in breaking off the
Family Research Council to lobby the government. I'm sure that there
might be folks affiliated with Focus who would not be in agreement with
some of the things that the FRC does and they don't have to be or feel
that their support of Focus is supporting an organization that they don't
feel is appropriate.

Note: I'm going out on a limb a little bit in my analogy; I'm not an
expert on either Focus or the FRC. Someone please correct me if I am
misunderstanding the situation.


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