Count sheep, anyone?

Scott A. Oakman (
Tue, 25 Feb 97 12:27:21 -0600

I was surprised to see that you've all been so busy debating Phil Johnson that
there's been no commment on "Dolly" the sheep this week?

Here's a local quote, for starters:

"If you clone a frog, you get a cloned frog. It hops and eats grasshoppers,
bugs and mosquitoes. If you clone a human, what do you get? Another human.
Big deal." [Robert McKinnel, Professor of Genetics and Cell Biology, University
of Minnesota, as quoted in the St. Paul Pioneer Press today]

Agree or disagree? Is a cloned baby just another human baby, no more or less
individual than a baby conceived in the traditional way, or by in vitro

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