Re: Phil Johnson's Approach -- Provine

Murphy (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 12:54:46 -0500

Paul Arveson wrote:

> Once about 20 years ago I overheard Provine discussing ASA; his general
> comment was that he had contempt for wimpy organizations that tried to
> compromise and accommodate. He admired the hard-core young-earth creationists
> who offered a distinctly different scientific description, and had the courage
> to go against the mainstream.

Provine doesn't want to have to give serious consideration to
religious questions, & with YECs he doesn't have to. They are also more
fun for a person with a sense of humor to debate.
The question for ASA should be, why would we want to "debate"
Provine et al? Of course it may get some ephemeral publicity, but what
is really accomplished? This has little to do with serious catechetical
instruction (in the broad sense), which is primarily where we can make
an impact.
George Murphy