Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Tue, 25 Feb 97 11:10:00 EST

Glenn Morton said:

I would contend that in some sense we humans are nonlinear systems, who have
totally free will, yet we are constrained by our genome. God then can truly
say He knew us from our mother's womb. And he knew how we would behave.
Calvinism and Armenism [sic] united.



I'm not sure if this biological analogy is valid, but I appreciate Glenn's
effort which 1) recognizes that neither extreme view, taken alone, has
the whole picture right; 2) recognizes that some moderated view which contains
aspects of both perspectives is better; 3) recognizes that we all have 'blind
spots' in our awareness of reality in its multi-level complexity.

This has been a theme of some of the long-term contributors to ASA, a theme
which I have lumped together under the term 'hypertheology'.

I have tried to compile some of these ideas at my new web site, which
is located at


It's still under construction, but I would appreciate any comments from
this group.

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