ASA, Let's Unite!

Dick Fischer (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:03:15 -0600

Bob wrote:

>The tragedy to me is that
>ASA is the one organization, in the US anyway, that has the intellectual
>resources to be able to educate the Christian public about what good science
>really says about creation. We lack the will to make the effort.

We also are divided roughly between TE and PC, plus within those broad
classifications we are caught up in various whirlpools of thought. IF
we presented a united front we could perhaps make a major impact. One
example of our mixed message was _Pandas and People_, an abortive attempt
to publish something responsible. But too many fingers got into the pot.
Sacred cows were trotted across the pages. Would the TV extravaganza have
been any different? Better it die than be born a two-headed monster.

If we want unity, such as the YEC's enjoy, fine. We'll just post all the
viable alternatives in this forum. We can vote on the candidates, and
support the winning combination, forbidding any dissenting opinion,
naturally, after the vote has been taken. Or urge any recalcitrant
dissenters to sit silently on the sidelines while those of us united in
the cause can proceed to educate the salivating masses.

Now since I came up with this suggestion, I get to post my answer last,
after everyone is exhausted beating up on the first candidates.

Wait a minute, I have a better idea. Let's set up a sliding scale between
PC and TE and pick a happy medium! At one end we can have God, the constant
intervener, who specially creates all sorts of species (or MAN at the very
least) with the appearance of descent a clever ruse to keep us off the track;
while at the other end we could have God, the disinterested observer, who
MAY have had something to do with the inception, who knows, but has been
perennially pre-occupied ever since while evolution runs amuck producing
what it will with no plan, forethought, or even a Godly interest in the
outcome. We can then slide the midpoint around until everybody, or at
least somebody, is happy. We will then take the outcome, whatever it turns
out to be, and win the world, saving it from YEC's and atheists alike!

On second thought, I like the first idea better, but then, what do I know?

Dick Fischer