Re: NTSE Report #1 (fwd)

Murphy (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 07:39:43 -0500

Robert L. Miller wrote:

> We are unable to communicate with the Christian laity because we do not
> badly enough want to. <snip>

IMO the more serious problem is timidity. ASA members, by &
large, have not been willing to say, "God is the creator of all things.
Biological evolution (macroevolution if emphasis is needed), including
the evolution of humanity, seems to have happened. & let's go from
Instead there is usually waffling. I have gotten the impression
from publications & conversations that the attitude of many members is
"Yes, evolution seems to have happened. But wouldn't it be really neat
if we found out that it HADN'T?" & so the trumpet blows an uncertain
sound, & nobody cares.
More is needed than just a bare statement that "evolution
happened". There needs to be some adequate theological framework in
which to set evolutionary theory. That means, among other things,
getting beyond naive ways of reading Genesis.