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Keith B Miller (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 22:12:20 -0600 (CST)

Joel wrote:

>Something is truly wrong with the picture that one comes away with
>after listening to Johnson. I felt a little like I had just left an an
>Amway meeting for ID. He is so charismatic, the dominant impression
>non-scientists (about half the attendees) had after listening to him
>was that Darwinism was about to collapse, and they were ready to go
>out and fight the battle. What is remarkable is that few seem at all
>concerned what "experts" might think. As has been documented
>occasionally here, he seems to be completely impervious to any
>assistance from people who really know something about the field. One
>other ASA member with expertise in what Johnson was talking about told
>me that he had given up on talking to Philip Johnson.

This has been my experience as well. I have given him an extensive
point-by-point rebuttal both in person and through his listserve and it has
never even been acknowledged.

>What is especially distressing is that Johnson announced that
>Christianity Today is going to devote a full issue to this in April. I
>would not be proposed in principle to such an issue, but it would seem
>only proper for CT to provide some context to this which would show
>how little support Johnson has among practicing scientists (they, of
>course, in Johnson's mind are not credible because they have sold
>out--i.e. they didn't agree with him). It seems proper for the public
>to know that there are a large group of Christians who are
>accomplished scientists who disavow Johnson's science.

I also had an experience relevant to this point. Several years ago I was
asked to give a review of Denton's book for a CT writer who was writing an
article on "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis." I gave him an extensive and
highly critical review. The writer called me expressing surprise that I so
strongly disputed Denton's claims. When the article came out in CT it made
no mention of _any_ of my criticisms and in fact did not even acknowlege
that there was any criticism from Christians in science. How do we
communicate our concerns to the Christian laity when the writers of
Christian publications refuse to listen to us?

Keith Miller

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