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Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 16:01:21 -0500

Burgy wrote

>Glenn writes about Phil Johnson: " But as to why he believes scientists are
>so untrustworthy, I don't know. In all areas he has written on, he appears
>to believe that the scientists are duplicitous if they disagree with his
>I've known Phil for a couple years; interchanged with him via e-mail often;
>interacted with him in two conferences in Austin, the latest being last
>weekend. I do not see in him what you have claimed. Nor did I hear this
>criticism of his views in the 4 days of this conference (other parts of his
>positions were criticized, but not that one).
I get the impression he would identify some scientists as duplicitous.
However, he seems to consider the majority to be simply misled.
Nevertheless, I give him credit because, unlike a Duane Gish or a Henry
Morris, the scientists he debates frequently become friends and come back
for more debates. Just the ability to have a reasonably clean fight is
progress in this arena.

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