John W. Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 10:31:31 -0500

Second note. The following (more or less) is what I put in Compuserve's
RELIGIOUS ISSUES forum today to introduce the NTSE conference subject to
our members there:
On Feb 20-23 an important conference was held in Austin, Texas, discussing
origins problems and, in particular, whether or not the "Theistic Science"
proposals of Phillip Johnson ought to be allowed as part of "science."
Proponents of all sides (it is not a two-choice problem) were on hand to
debate this. The atmosphere was friendly; much good discussion.

Almost all the papers from the conference are available on the conference
web site. See the file NTSE.TXT in section 5 of RELIGIOUS ISSUES.

I was one of the 110 or so in attendence; I shall be posting a series of
notes & comments on the conference in section 5 of RELIGIOUS ISSUES.

Speakers at the conference included Al Plantigna, Fred Grinnell, Phil
Johnson, Michael Ruse, Steven Schafersman, and others. Heard Michael Ruse
expound at length (and very well) on the issues. Great speaker. While Ruse
does not agree with Phil Johnson (surprise!), he agrees less with Richard

About a dozen ASA members were present. About 50:50 split between
philosophers and scientists. About 90:10 split between academics and the
business world.

Discussions in RELIGIOUS ISSUES....