Re: Phil Johnson

Samuel D. Olsen (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 16:27:43 +0000

Jesus claimed to be the Truth. No where is the
>Creation considered to be the Truth, but the person of Jesus. Science
>studies things, which are part of the fallen world. Truth is found
>only in Jesus, a person. In order to know the Truth, one has to
>engage in a very personal relationship with the Person of Truth.
>Science is dangerously close to worshipping the Creation instead of
>the Creator.
>Dave Netzly
>Hope College


If you stretch the metaphor of Truth that far, you should do it for Way as
well. You cannot believe in any other of the many roads crisscrossing the
countries of the world! I see Jesus as the One who epitomizes a life lived
in honesty to God, to Himself and to others. There is none of the
psychological mechanisms (denial/suppression/projection etc) we use
because of our sinful selfish motives/moral conflicts/guilt/shame/fear. In
that sense Jesus is the light that " enlightens every man " and as we face
the truth of what our secret desires, emotions such as anger, resentment,
fears etc and motives are, we are set free. We become transparent, secure
and through the blood of Christ we are able to live in that close fellowhip
with God " in the holy of holies ".
Each fact observed by a scientist is a truth.


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