Phil Johnson

Dave Netzly (netzly@HOPE.CIT.HOPE.EDU)
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 09:43:46 +0000

There's been alot of opposition to Phil Johnson, so I will speak up
for him. I appreciate the issues that Phil Johnson has brought up. I
think that he is raising some good questions. I have not heard any
good answers to his evolutionary questions. I don't expect to either
because, as a scientist, I know that the answers are not there. I
hear responses like "this is believed to have given rise to that".
Those who respond in that way overlook that they "believe" it
occurred. That is what "Darwin on Trial" was all about. That
Evolution is just as much of a belief system as is Creation. If that
is accepted, then the question becomes, why do I believe in this
system versus another system?
I will just add in my own thought of my inability to trust science.
It is not because scientists are doing bad work. I believe what
scientist are doing is the best that can be done and I do not question
the scientists sincerety. However, I can't trust science ultimately
because of a philosophical reason. I don't believe that science can
ever know the Truth. Jesus claimed to be the Truth. No where is the
Creation considered to be the Truth, but the person of Jesus. Science
studies things, which are part of the fallen world. Truth is found
only in Jesus, a person. In order to know the Truth, one has to
engage in a very personal relationship with the Person of Truth.
Science is dangerously close to worshipping the Creation instead of
the Creator.

Dave Netzly
Hope College