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Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:07:20 -0800

Robert L. Miller wrote:
> >Geoff Bagley <> wrote:
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> >Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 21:37:13 GMT
> >Subject: Re: insect origin
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> >I haven't had time to see whether I still have what I wrote, but from what
> >I can remember the papers I read in preparation gave a much more
> >complicated and detailed picture than what has been posted. This brings to
> >the point of my posting. Often when I read mailings I feel that what is
> >read and discussed is often not detailed and is also often does not seem to
> >spring from actual research but from reading papers.
> Paul Arveson responded in part:
> >
> >But on the other hand, people who respond should be fairly well-read
> >in the peer-reviewed literature of a field
> Is that true? Is this listserv an academic exercise and those who do not fit
> into acadamia need not take part?
> Bob

I felt like this was a good question that recieved no responses.
Perhaps someone should expound on the role of professionals in dialogue
vs. the role of amatuers. This is a serious issue in science I think we
as Christians need to address. We of all groups know of the problems
that are created when people who are not well studied in science speak
publicly (or even those who are "professionals" for that matter). We
also know how divisive it is to have "insiders" and "outsiders" in

I trust that the statements referred to were not meant to be hurtful,
but some discussion on the role of this listserv might be helpful.
Particularly what role those of us who are not in academia can play.

Michael Thompson