Re:Question for George (was Re: Vast Majorities...)

Steve Alley (
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 17:24:01 -0800

I attend Harvest Christian Fellowship, in Riverside, Ca, and my pastor,
Greg Laurie, just preached on this issue this morning: "If God is a
loving god, and if God is good, then why is there evil in the world?"
He had some very enlightening statements. He said that God is Good, and
God is love, and God is omnipotent and could stop it if he wanted to,
but that it is our own product, not his. He drew the illustration to a
man, driving down the highway, who sees a new freeway overpass that
isn't completed yet. It leaves the freeway and goes about two hundred
yards and then ends, at a hundred foot drop. He says that if the man
were to ignore all the dozens of signs that say "road closed," "do not
enter," "wrong way," or "danger," and drive through them, then ignore
all the workers who would flag him down and try to tell him to stop, and
if he were to drive off the end of the bridge and fall to his death, it
wouldn't be anyone's fault but his own. Greg said, today, "God is
Good. He has given us guidelines to live by that will keep our lives
free of harm, and when we break these laws and reap the consequences, we
have the audacity to blame it on God, who made the rules in the first
place." Quite profound.