Re: insect origin

Geoff Bagley (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 21:37:13 GMT

First I must confess to being basically a lurker and also that
responsibilities at work (teacher of science and religious education),
church and family prevent from reading and researching all what I would
like to do. However, seeing a posting entitled 'insect origin' I was
looking forward to some interesting discussion. Entomology had been one of
my options at University in the early 1970's and one of the assignments was
on insect evolution.

I haven't had time to see whether I still have what I wrote, but from what
I can remember the papers I read in preparation gave a much more
complicated and detailed picture than what has been posted. This brings to
the point of my posting. Often when I read mailings I feel that what is
read and discussed is often not detailed and is also often does not seem to
spring from actual research but from reading papers. This is not meant to
be critical of the deep thinking that is going on, but to indicate that it
is probably often irrelevant and peripheral to what is being done by the
researchers in their respective fields.

Geoff Bagley.