NTSE Conference papers

John W. Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 02:19:36 -0500

I just checked the University of Texas Philosophy Dept's web site for news
the upcoming conference Feb 20-23, 1997 titled NATURALISM, THEISM AND
THE SCIENTIFIC ENTERPRISE. Lots of very good things there, including
about 28 of the invited papers! Also a conference schedule.

The conference is closed to further registration. 110 will be in
No more room! The conference is closed to the public. Interestingly enough,
down the road in San Antonio
Morris and Morris of ICR will be hosting a seminar Feb 21-22 -- then again
in Austin Feb 23-25 at a
Baptist church just a few miles south of the NTSE conference!

The web site forthe NTSE, including the papers, is at:


Burgy (cross posted to evolution, asa and scichr reflectors)