Re: Homonid History.

Glenn Morton (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 06:01:11 -0600

At 01:03 AM 2/5/97 -0800, Jason A. Alley wrote:
>I'm doing some research into the origins of hominids and homonid
>evolution. Does anyone out there have information as to the earliest
>appearances of the various homonids and their geographic origins? Any
>information about what classifies them as a different species would
>also be helpful. Thanks.

There is a good article in American Scientist Dec. 1996 on H. Erectus. He
appeared in Georgia SSR around 1.6 Myr, in Java around 1.7 and Africa around
1.8. There is also a possible find of him in Spain at 1.8

Australopithecus is first found in rocks dated 5.5 MYR The youngest is the
Taung child at around 800,000. If you want references I can get them. This
is from off the top of my head.


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