theology of the cross of some theistic evolutionists

Pattle Pun (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:12:44 -0600 (CST)

> Johnson, however, is unwilling to consider any such approaches
> on their theological merits, but insists that they must be simply
> surrenders to the naturalism of Dawkins et al. Again, the problem that
> I have with him is simply that he doesn't seem to care about serious
> theological analysis. That would be all right except for the fact that
> he simply rejects out of hand those who are trying to do that kind of
> analysis.

May I suggest that the Lutheran theology of the cross is a theology of
paradox of constant tension between the allegiance to God and allegiance
to civil authority, and may I suggest also between scientifc history and
salvation history. The interpretation of the "original sin" and its
origin in the Fall is the heart of the issue. Paul seems to suggest
the efficacy of the second Adam Jesus Christ's redemption is predicated on
the historicity of the Fall of the first Adam (Rm. 5) Calvin also
champions the unity of General Revelation in Nature and Special Revelation
in Christ and the Holy Spirit. Theistic evolutionism seems to compromise
on both, either with no historical fall, or special creation of Adam only
through the breathing of a "soul" into a already preexisting hominid that
was miraculously chosen from an evolving group. Salvation history of our
personal encounter with God and salvation through Christ is predicated on
our sinful nature, sinful will and sinful act, which is rooted in an
historical Fall, and the bodily resurrection of Christ which is the
evidence that God provided for the world to know that his atonement is
effacacious and He will judge us (Act 17). Both the historical Fall and
Christ's resurrection also happened in space and time, events in
scientific history. It seems to me this theological system is
contradicting the premise of the unity of God's general and
special revelations.

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