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Bill Hamilton (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:37:45 -0500

I sent this post earlier, but it never made it rhough. My apologies to
anyone who gets it twice.

At 8:44 PM 1/27/97, Glenn Morton quoted Phil Johnson:

>...I think that most theistic evolutionists accept as scientific the
>claim that natural selection performed the creating,

As one who sometimes accepts the theistic evolutionist moniker, I want to
make it clear that I totally reject the above statement. Natural selection
doesn't create anything. It merely grants selective advantage to design
features that God devised before the foundation of the earth. Evolution
doesn't design anything or create anything. It is simply a process that
reveals designs God has put in place to be revealed at the time and place
He chooses.

but would like to
>reject the accompanying metaphysical doctrine that scientific understanding
>of evolution excludes design and purpose.

Accompanying for what reason? Necessity or someone's preference or fuzzy

Scientific understanding may not be able to say anything about design, but
it cannot _exclude_ design. There is a difference between saying "A is
outside the scope of science" and "A doesn't exist"

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